Cambodia update

Cambodia, Battambang-6 weeks:

I’m very sorry I haven’t been updating my blog for so long. It’s crazy how fast the time is going when you are enjoying yourself. The time I spend in cambodia was amazing. I was so lucky to work together with Lauryn Bell and Benjamin Jackson at Jeevit’s house twice a week. Jeevit’s house is a house where kids from the slums who have been affected by HIV/AIDS come to spend time, playing, getting snacks, bible histories and other life skills. IMG_9192


Another ministries we did was scraping a big wall in front of a the christian Hope school in Battambang. Good time! Mud, constantly sweting, friend, music-singing, ❤ BIKING ❤ FUn, fun!


We was also teaching English in hope school. Age groups from 7-15 years old, 4 times a week. And every friday me Lauryn and Ben was sharing testimonies. I really enjoyed spending time with this kids, teaching and sharing my experiences with God with them.


We also held a volleyball tournament at the YWAM base. Great time together with a lot of people. Halfway through the tournament we did a drama by Lifehouse- Everything skit.


My last week in Battambang, cambodia was definitely my best week! We went to a orphanage. It was a big blessing for me to spend a whole week together with the kids, playing and teaching bible stories. We went through the book of Matthew and taught 11 of Jesus parables. The best thing about it was that we was acting each of the story for the kids.

This was a week full of games, FUn, Amazing food, Joy, love, Jesus, Bible story, worship, football, volleyball, bucket shower, laughter and best of all amazing kids.


Seeing the kids worshiping God was one of the most incredible thing I have every seen, it gave me goosebumps. They had a real and very strong relationship with God, amazing to see their faith in him. God has challenging me and teaching me a lot after spending a week with this kids. – Hove amazing isn’t it to have a faith like a child, I can always trust my God!



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