The Adventures Continue

Howdy, howdy people!

Life is amazing. The weather is getting hotter every day; right now it’s around 28 Celsius. Christmas is on the way, and for me it’s difficult to wrap my brain around and think it’s Christmas time.

I’m learning so much about God. My relationship with God is growing more every week; I’m so thankful for that. This is some of the things we have been true:

–       Spiritual warfare: God has given us enough power to fight against the devil. In the bible it says 365 times= do not fear/ afraid. Satan is a big sucker!

–       The father heart of God: I really loved learning about the father heart of God. Some point from this week: God is never too busy for you, I’m daddy’s little girl, God made you perfect, God is totally in love with you (YES, that’s right), you give God goose bump and when he looks at you he smiles so much, be real with God, God knows everything about you and he stills love you so much, he is your BFF!!!

–       Lordship: “I have been crucified with Christ and no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in my body, I live by faith in the son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” –Galatians 2:20-21

Last week we had Lordship as our topic. We talked all about how God needs to be Lord over everything in our lives. We belong to him and all that we do should reflect that and honor him. We tend to think that we have rights to the things in our lives, when in reality God has all the rights. We have to relinquish the rights that we think we have. When we are laying down our rights to God, we will be blessed by love, joy, gift and power from the Holy Spirit, hearing Gods voice more clearly, growing and going deep in relationship with God. A really good week- Eph 5: 18. One thing I showed as a symbol of releasing my identity to Jesus was I cut my hair off of both sides up to my shoulders.

–       Evangelism: This week we learned about evangelism. Our bible verse for this week is “I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding  of every good thing we have in Christ. –Philemon 1:6.

When you are doing evangelism you have to be relaxed, free and have fun. Doing evangelism doesn’t have anything with your personality, God will use you and give you what you need, pray that the Holy Spirit will lead you. When you share the gospel, it become more real to you. If you have difficulty with understanding that God can heal, then pray that God will help you understand. God, he heals, he heals today, he wants to heal people, and I’m so proud to be a witness of that. And it’s so cool that through me and though YOU God can heal. Amazing!

Other things we have been doing:

– Camping in the Australia bush. A weekend full of swimming in the river, capture the flag, kangaroos, iguanas, and giant spiders. And last but certainly not least hilarious people, especially my tent mates and Kassidy.

– Watching a Football game, Perth Glory, I have also been playing cricket and rugby!

– Last weekend my class put on a car wash, for raising money for outreach. It was so fun! We raised around 1,540 dollars, nice!

– Next week we are doing a 12 km run to raise money as well. It’s going to be hard, hopefully all of us will be able to get a lot of sponsors!

– Yesterday my favourite artist was singing in town. Here name is Grace Eggers. She’s such a good singer, I love her voice. They actually raised 178 dollar.

–  Oohh one more thing! If you haven’t heard I’m going to Thailand 1,5 week, Cambodia for 6 weeks and the last county…. If I tell u I have to kill you! I’m not entirely sure what we’ll be doing there but I know we will get to work with kids a lot, which I’m really happy for. I’m so excited because I know that God is going to use our team in huge ways while were on outreach.

I hope you enjoyed getting glimpses of my life down under. God is so amazing!! God bless you!

–       Xox Seline

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3 svar til The Adventures Continue

  1. kajaaustad sier:

    Jeg er selv med gå ut senteret i Kambodsja!
    Hvor i Kambodsja skal du, og hva skal du gjøre!
    Kambodsja er et fantastisk land! Gled deg!

    • selinejensen sier:

      Hei 🙂 aahh saa gooy! Vi er ikke sikre paa hvor vi skal enda, og vi heller ikke hva vi skal gjoore. Haaper aa finne det ut denne uken…
      Saa bra aa hoore! Gleder meg masse:)

  2. kajaaustad sier:

    Ahh 😉 Okai!
    Du får si ifra hvis du er i Phnom Penh! Så kanskje våre veier krysser! Vet det har vært flere UIO team der jeg jobber. 🙂 to fra flekkis i Kambodsja. Vittiiig altså 😉

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