My life down under

Hello everyone!!

My life in Australia is so amazing! I live in a house with 13 girls and we all share one bathroom. On our base here in Perth there are about 200 students and our sports DTS has 22 students. In our DTS we have people from Canada, Holland, Norway, Turkey, Ireland, Alaska, Indonisia, England, Chicago, California, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Needless to say we’re from all over the place. I have already been here for 4 weeks. In our free time we’re always playing some sort of sport or just hanging out in the sun or the beach. I love it! We are playing a lot off footbal or volleyball, the occasional frisbee gets thrown in there too. Our two school leaders, Luke and Jason, are both from New Zealand and love rugby, so they have been teaching us, but I don’t understand anything. But I like it! l.

A normal week at my school: lecutres, worship, work duties and sports.

At school we have been learning about:

– Hearing God’s voice

– Character of God

– Repentance and forgiveness

– Intercession and worship

On monday we are going to learn more about spiritual warfare. I really feel that my relationship with God has been so much stronger, and I have got a better two ways communication with God. God’s speaks to me and he’s gives me pictures. It’s so cool! 

Last week, I couldn’t find my buss\train card and I was looking everywhere. I couldn’t find it. After 40 min I sat in my bed praying, and I asked God to show me where it was. Than I got a picture of my football shoe, I didn’t understand anything, why a football shoe? But I decide to look for my football shoe, and inside the shoe I found my card. That’s so amazing. I can’t even remember to put it there. 



The weather has been pretty nice here but now it’s going to start getting warmer and warmer. But the last week it has been cold, so now we are hoping for suuun! 

Something from classes: 

– A life of faith will only half kill you

– Prayer is the biggest\ strongest weapon God has given us.

– Don’t go your own way go with God

– How to pray: thank the Lord, clean your heart, take away distraction and own ideas, deal with the enemy, invite the holy spirit, and than wait… share what you got… PRAY! 

– Everything is possible for God, pray and have faith and be patience. 



Love Seline 

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