And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.


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India, hyderabad

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Jeg er I Sambi! Jeg har nå vært i Sambia i 2 uker, og har endelig fått internet. Sambia er fantastisk masse sol og utrulig hyggelige mennesker.


Vi har nå kommet igang med vårt årbeid på sykehuset. Jeg jobber på 4 foskjellige avdelinger, admission, fødestuen, post og antenatal care. Vi jobber på et student sykehus I Lusaka. Første dag på sykehuset fikk vi beskjed om at både jordmødrene, doktorene og sykepleierne var i streik. På dette sykehuset er det i gjennomsnitt 80 fødsler hver dag. Vi fant fort ut hvor mye det var å gjøre på sykehuset nå som de var i streik. Første dag ble vi sendt rett i arbeid. En kjempe lærerik dag! Jeg jobbet i Admission, hvor alle mødre som var klare fødsel ble skrevet inn. Plutselig fant jeg en kvinne som lå på gulvet, hun var gravid med hennes andre baby. Hun ble skjekket og jeg følgte henne inn på fødestuen. Jeg og Helen hjalp henne, og ventet på noen som kunne komme å tå imot babyen hennes. Etter en liten stund kom en doktor, en student og hjalp oss. Like etter var fødselen igang. Heldigvis kom en av lederne løpende og fikk akkurat på hansken i tide til å ta babyen! Fredag 4 oktober kl 11:58 ble en nydelig sambien jente født. Etter fødselen ba vi sammen for både Moren og hennes baby.

Fredag 10 Oktober var streiken heldigvis over. Og fødestuen var helt ful. Når vi kom på sykehuset om morgenen gikk vi gjennom fødestuen for å komme til garderoben. Og det var hele 3 fødseler på gulvet. Vi starta dagen med bønn og lovsang, og deretter rett I arbeid. Det var så mange fødseler.

På fredag møtte jeg En 15 åring jente som jeg aldri kommer til å glemme. Hun hadde eclampsia og fikk et anfall rett før hun skulle inn på fødestuen. Heldigvis var streiken over og hun ble sendt rett til keisersnitt. Etter en liten stund kom lille David Elias til verden.


Jeg er så utrulig takknemelig for alle dere som har vært med å sponset meg! Dere er en utrulig stor velsignelse for meg! Tusen takk! Jeg er også så takknemelig for alle dere som er med å ber for meg og mitt team, dere gjør en stor forskjell!

– Seline

(Beklager så mye skrivefeil)

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Glede, kjærlighet og verdi!

Les videre

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Cambodia update

Cambodia, Battambang-6 weeks:

I’m very sorry I haven’t been updating my blog for so long. It’s crazy how fast the time is going when you are enjoying yourself. The time I spend in cambodia was amazing. I was so lucky to work together with Lauryn Bell and Benjamin Jackson at Jeevit’s house twice a week. Jeevit’s house is a house where kids from the slums who have been affected by HIV/AIDS come to spend time, playing, getting snacks, bible histories and other life skills. IMG_9192


Another ministries we did was scraping a big wall in front of a the christian Hope school in Battambang. Good time! Mud, constantly sweting, friend, music-singing, ❤ BIKING ❤ FUn, fun!


We was also teaching English in hope school. Age groups from 7-15 years old, 4 times a week. And every friday me Lauryn and Ben was sharing testimonies. I really enjoyed spending time with this kids, teaching and sharing my experiences with God with them.


We also held a volleyball tournament at the YWAM base. Great time together with a lot of people. Halfway through the tournament we did a drama by Lifehouse- Everything skit.


My last week in Battambang, cambodia was definitely my best week! We went to a orphanage. It was a big blessing for me to spend a whole week together with the kids, playing and teaching bible stories. We went through the book of Matthew and taught 11 of Jesus parables. The best thing about it was that we was acting each of the story for the kids.

This was a week full of games, FUn, Amazing food, Joy, love, Jesus, Bible story, worship, football, volleyball, bucket shower, laughter and best of all amazing kids.


Seeing the kids worshiping God was one of the most incredible thing I have every seen, it gave me goosebumps. They had a real and very strong relationship with God, amazing to see their faith in him. God has challenging me and teaching me a lot after spending a week with this kids. – Hove amazing isn’t it to have a faith like a child, I can always trust my God!



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The Adventures Continue

Howdy, howdy people!

Life is amazing. The weather is getting hotter every day; right now it’s around 28 Celsius. Christmas is on the way, and for me it’s difficult to wrap my brain around and think it’s Christmas time.

I’m learning so much about God. My relationship with God is growing more every week; I’m so thankful for that. This is some of the things we have been true:

–       Spiritual warfare: God has given us enough power to fight against the devil. In the bible it says 365 times= do not fear/ afraid. Satan is a big sucker!

–       The father heart of God: I really loved learning about the father heart of God. Some point from this week: God is never too busy for you, I’m daddy’s little girl, God made you perfect, God is totally in love with you (YES, that’s right), you give God goose bump and when he looks at you he smiles so much, be real with God, God knows everything about you and he stills love you so much, he is your BFF!!!

–       Lordship: “I have been crucified with Christ and no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in my body, I live by faith in the son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” –Galatians 2:20-21

Last week we had Lordship as our topic. We talked all about how God needs to be Lord over everything in our lives. We belong to him and all that we do should reflect that and honor him. We tend to think that we have rights to the things in our lives, when in reality God has all the rights. We have to relinquish the rights that we think we have. When we are laying down our rights to God, we will be blessed by love, joy, gift and power from the Holy Spirit, hearing Gods voice more clearly, growing and going deep in relationship with God. A really good week- Eph 5: 18. One thing I showed as a symbol of releasing my identity to Jesus was I cut my hair off of both sides up to my shoulders.

–       Evangelism: This week we learned about evangelism. Our bible verse for this week is “I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding  of every good thing we have in Christ. –Philemon 1:6.

When you are doing evangelism you have to be relaxed, free and have fun. Doing evangelism doesn’t have anything with your personality, God will use you and give you what you need, pray that the Holy Spirit will lead you. When you share the gospel, it become more real to you. If you have difficulty with understanding that God can heal, then pray that God will help you understand. God, he heals, he heals today, he wants to heal people, and I’m so proud to be a witness of that. And it’s so cool that through me and though YOU God can heal. Amazing!

Other things we have been doing:

– Camping in the Australia bush. A weekend full of swimming in the river, capture the flag, kangaroos, iguanas, and giant spiders. And last but certainly not least hilarious people, especially my tent mates and Kassidy.

– Watching a Football game, Perth Glory, I have also been playing cricket and rugby!

– Last weekend my class put on a car wash, for raising money for outreach. It was so fun! We raised around 1,540 dollars, nice!

– Next week we are doing a 12 km run to raise money as well. It’s going to be hard, hopefully all of us will be able to get a lot of sponsors!

– Yesterday my favourite artist was singing in town. Here name is Grace Eggers. She’s such a good singer, I love her voice. They actually raised 178 dollar.

–  Oohh one more thing! If you haven’t heard I’m going to Thailand 1,5 week, Cambodia for 6 weeks and the last county…. If I tell u I have to kill you! I’m not entirely sure what we’ll be doing there but I know we will get to work with kids a lot, which I’m really happy for. I’m so excited because I know that God is going to use our team in huge ways while were on outreach.

I hope you enjoyed getting glimpses of my life down under. God is so amazing!! God bless you!

–       Xox Seline

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My life down under

Hello everyone!!

My life in Australia is so amazing! I live in a house with 13 girls and we all share one bathroom. On our base here in Perth there are about 200 students and our sports DTS has 22 students. In our DTS we have people from Canada, Holland, Norway, Turkey, Ireland, Alaska, Indonisia, England, Chicago, California, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Needless to say we’re from all over the place. I have already been here for 4 weeks. In our free time we’re always playing some sort of sport or just hanging out in the sun or the beach. I love it! We are playing a lot off footbal or volleyball, the occasional frisbee gets thrown in there too. Our two school leaders, Luke and Jason, are both from New Zealand and love rugby, so they have been teaching us, but I don’t understand anything. But I like it! l.

A normal week at my school: lecutres, worship, work duties and sports.

At school we have been learning about:

– Hearing God’s voice

– Character of God

– Repentance and forgiveness

– Intercession and worship

On monday we are going to learn more about spiritual warfare. I really feel that my relationship with God has been so much stronger, and I have got a better two ways communication with God. God’s speaks to me and he’s gives me pictures. It’s so cool! 

Last week, I couldn’t find my buss\train card and I was looking everywhere. I couldn’t find it. After 40 min I sat in my bed praying, and I asked God to show me where it was. Than I got a picture of my football shoe, I didn’t understand anything, why a football shoe? But I decide to look for my football shoe, and inside the shoe I found my card. That’s so amazing. I can’t even remember to put it there. 



The weather has been pretty nice here but now it’s going to start getting warmer and warmer. But the last week it has been cold, so now we are hoping for suuun! 

Something from classes: 

– A life of faith will only half kill you

– Prayer is the biggest\ strongest weapon God has given us.

– Don’t go your own way go with God

– How to pray: thank the Lord, clean your heart, take away distraction and own ideas, deal with the enemy, invite the holy spirit, and than wait… share what you got… PRAY! 

– Everything is possible for God, pray and have faith and be patience. 



Love Seline 

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